Privacy Statement

Welcome to our website (here inafter«Website»). This Website has been developed by the company with the tradename «LEMON DEVELOPMENT S.A.» (hereinafter« LEMON DEVELOPMENT S.A.» or«Company»), for the provision of information and services to the users/visitors (hereinafter “Users”) of the Website. LEMON Development S.A. is Data Controller of your personal data, collected through the Website, pursuant to EU General Data Protection Regulation679/2016 (hereinafter “GDPR”). This Privacy Statement is provided in order to inform you on the personal data collected, to explain the way and purpose of data processing, to state anythird parties with whom we share your data and finally toi nform you on your rights.

What personal data do we process?
Personal data is any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. The Company does not process any data directly through its Website, unless you contact us or make use of the contact details and email referred therein.

For what purposes do we process personal data?
Our Company has the legitimate interest to process your personal data, in order to reply to your queries, to inform you on any request and to assess your candidacy for a job vacancy.
With whom do we share your personal data?
The Company does not sell, lease or transfers your personal data to any third party.

How does the Company protect your personal data?
Our Company has implemented all appropriate organizational and technical measures, pursuant to applicable legal framework and standards in order to safeguard that processing of data, either by the Company or by any third party is legitimate, appropriate and secured against any non-authorized or illegal access, deletion, amendment or any other use of the data.

How long is your personal data retained?

Your personal data is retained for as long as it is required for the fulfillment of the purpose of processing. Upon expiration of this term, your personal data will bedeleted unless otherwise required under applicable legal and regulatory framework or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
What are your rights?
According to applicable legislation, you have the following rights, i.e.
a) right of access to your personal data, as well as to the information relating to their processing,
b) right to rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data,
c) right to erasure,
d) right to restriction of the processing of your personal data, where explicitly provided for by legislation,
e) right to data portability in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (e.g. CD-ROM),
f) right to have your data (directly) transmitted to another controller,
g) right to object to the processing of your personal data, where explicitly provided for by legislation
h) right not to be subject to a decision based solely on the automated processing and to request human intervention in such case, as well as
i) right to withdraw any consent given at any time.
You may exercise the aforementioned rights by submitting a request to our Company and we will reply within one (1) month upon receipt of the request. This deadline might be extended for two (2) additional months, in case your requests are excessive or complicated. Additionally, the Company shall inform you without any delay on any breach of your personal data, unless such breach falls within one of the exceptions, provided by law. In any case, if you feel that the protection of your personal data is violated in any way whatsoever, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

What is the contact person for any issues/requests?
For any queries, clarifications of requests with regards to your personal data protection, you may contact our email.

What about third parties websites;
Our Website may include links to third-parties’ websites. These links are placed only for users’ convenience, whereas they might redirect Users to websites, which have its own terms of use and privacy statements. To this end, the Company has no liability for the content of these websites, or for data protection practices applied by said websites. The Company exercises no control over the content or the websites managed by third parties and linked through this Website. The Company does not support, sponsor or consult these websites or their content. In case the User decides to make any use of these Website’s links, s/he shall be solely liable for this action.

In addition to the afore mentioned, the Company might collect identification data for Website’s Users, by applying technologies, such as cookies and Internet Protocol (IP) monitoring mechanisms. A cookie is a small data file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a website and does not get access to any document or file in your computer. Cookies are used in order to make your access to the Website or the use of services more convenient and for statistics purposes so as to identity popular areas of the Website.

There are two types of cookies used in this Website: a) a“session cookie” which expires immediately when you end your session (i.e., close your browser) and b) a “persistent cookie”, which stores information on the hard drive so when you end your session and return to the same website at a later date, the cookie information is still available. Session cookies are used in order to enhance user experience and for statistics purposes. Such aggregated information is only for internal use and will not be shared with any third party.

Persistent cookies are used in the Website in order to store information in your computer for several purposes, such as for recovery of information that the User has used in the past (e.g. passwords), or for the reconfiguration of the Website based on identification of interesting or popular areas. This information might include browser type, computer type, its software, internet service providers and similar information. Additionally, the Website’s software collects automated information regarding whether the User has visited any links in third parties’ websites, or not. The User can adjust theweb browser, so as toget informed on any cookies used for certain services, or to prohibit cookies.

In case the User objects to the use of cookies for identification purposes, s/he might not have access to these services. User’s computer receives an IP address each time the User is connected to Internet. Through this address, User’s computer sends and receives data. In general, each time the User is connected to Internet, the IP address is different. However, under certain conditions, (e.g. in broadband connections) User’s IP address becomes permanent. A permanent IP address might identify a User with a certain computer and therefore might process personal data. Web log information is non-personalized information collected by the computer hosting the Website each time a User visits the Website. Examples of types of information collected through IP address include date and time of website visit, the browser type and software type used. The Company or its authorized representatives make use of User’s IP address and web log information in order to collect aggregated information about the use of the Website and to improve its operation.