Social Responsibility

For LEMON Development, the business of a company starts with the contribution to social cohesion and to the progress of the country in which it operates, so that it can continue to operate seamlessly in the environment it has chosen to grow.

LEMON Development adheres to its ethical commitments regarding transparency, quality of services, human rights protection, environmental protection and the preservation of cultural heritage, which are the core principles of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The business activity of our company and the operation of our various businesses and stores have created approximately 150 jobs.

To this end, our next investments are aimed at boosting growth, new jobs and productivity. In addition to the company's strategy, its human resources play an important role, which is encouraged to participate in social programs, such as promoting recycling in the workplace, as well as continuing education and training programs.

At the same time, LEMON Development pursues corporate social responsibility planning policies, thereby achieving multiple social benefits. We also promote the concept of volunteering and solidarity.