The hotel, tourist and residential investments of Platon Lemonopoulos' family began about 70 years ago.

Platon Lemonopoulos had invested in a hotel in central Athens in the 1960s (Euripides Hotel). As the first hotelier to come from Pieria, he also dealt with tourism - residential investments in the wider Pieria region. More specifically, he founded the "Olympia" housing development on the left side of the Paralia Village in 1958, while in 1964 he founded the "Olympic Beach" Katerini tourist development.

In addition to being the founder of "Olympic Beach", he was also a benefactor, with a large donation of 100 acres to the Municipality of Katerini, in order to build playgrounds, parks, a square, a church, roads, etc. in the wider area of ​​the Olympic Beach. Christos Lemonopoulos, his son, later built the Hotel Platon Beach in the Olympic Beach area.

From then on, Christos Lemonopoulos' family took over the initiatives of the companies and continued with great success over various Tourism and Hotel investments to this day.